Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polar Bear Plunge

Oh man. We did it. Dave and i, plunged. So cold. So freezing. He was such a wimp too, if i'm going to be honest. He was in so fast and out even faster, sprinting for the bathrooms and heat.

He had on 7 layers when he came back out. 7.

I couldn't run when i got out. I was waddling. Painfully. The water weighed down my pants and made the shivers on my skin shake violently with my teeth. The wind ripped through me, and it was beautiful. So much fun, my first polar bear plunge, a very fun dare to do, especially because i got to spend the day at the beach with someof my favorite people.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Future Dare: Operation Dave Calovi!

So I have two pending dares,

one, is a surprise for my college writing class during our final, courtesy of one (Professor) Ms. Gidjunis, and the other,

I need your help with.

Polar Bear Plunge. I have to do it. The ultimate dare, a classic, and yet still entertaining. I have been dared to do it, and soon. So, how do you play into this? Get my friend Dave to drive me and some friends to the beach this Saturday! Write on his wall, email him, put it on my wall and i'll make him read it, just convince him he wants to hit up the beach on a cold beautiful day. And then you will get a video, or photos to say the least, of the epicness of me in freezing, glacial water.

Help me out folks!!

Info: David Calovi,

Please and thank you!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Radio Tower Update

So, we hit our deadline. But, we have an extension.

Our current fundraising total is $1,041,476. Which is amazing, but our goal is $2,000,000! WE CAN DO IT!

Last minute dares are totally welcome! Everyone is calling in favors, asking for money, cleaning houses, creating fundraisers, and advocating IC's cause anyway that they can to get to our goal.

It's tough, because each dollar can help save a life. Every donation counts. Each day closer to the deadline brings more anxiety and hope for this project. People have been working so hard, getting company's to match donations, walking around the streets with jars for change, anything, to raise money.

Motivation and determination are something IC supporters have an endless amount of, so I cannot wait for this goal to be reached and these towers to be created, it will be such an answer to so many people's prayers, and it is one more step on the way to ending Africa's longest running war.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Ok, i know, i suck at this. I am not doing my dares, well, i'm really not getting dares. But i am developing more and more perspectives from my own life that i am trying to apply to these forgotten and hurting kids.

Healing. To heal. To be healed. The power of healing. I have no clue what that means, do you? Seriously, what does it mean to heal? I'm researching it, a lot. I have taken time in my life to grieve, to reevaluate priorities, to relax on vacation, to take a mental health day, but have i ever spent time healing? Would i even know what it looked like? Everyone deserves time to heal from hurt they have experienced, physical or emotional.

I just read another blogger discussing healing, "I have surgery scars.  They long ago closed, and have left my abdomen to never again look as it once did.  But still, we consider those scars healed. Is that what healing really is?  Is it not being open and raw and constantly painful? I mean, there has to be an area in between saying that survivors of abuse are forever broken and untouchable, and saying that survivors are as they once were, right?"

Do the kids in Africa, after growing up in a war zone, being abducted or terrorized, ostracized from their homes, are they given time to heal? Recover? And if they are lucky enough to get help from one of the few rehabilitations in their area, what does the healing process look like? Do they feel healed? The guns are gone from their hands but are they truly free of the memory of its weight, its bullets, its ability to destroy life? 

Lets say that hopefully, one day, the war is over. My dares are done, fundraising stops, every last child is home and back to being loved. Does that mean they are now whole, restored, healed? Who can heal them besides the Comforter of all Comforters, our Father in Heaven? Me? You? If i meet one of those kids someday, i'll let you know their answer.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daring Myself

The ridiculous dares have slightly dwindled, I must say. I am okay with that, partially because I am doing pretty well with no humiliating myself too much, and partially because the dares I am getting are surprising, yet very personal.

I will not share these dares with you, but they are from people who truly care about me, and are daring me to do thngs for myself, to help me grow with God and strengthen my heart. To hold me accountable for things in my life and try really hard to make positive changes. I never expected my dares to turn this way, but I guess because people realize how much I care for IC, they show me they care for me by daring me to do things that matter. And that is something I am truly grateful for, because now I am growing and changing and learning, while still earning money for something I am so passionate about.

And I am daring myself as well, I put all my spare change into a jar to donate later on, so I'm sure I'm working up to $10, so i'm daring myself to not break these current personal dares just because they are really hard. I am daring myself to immerse myself in the Word, for me, and for my prayer times for the children inf Africa and suffering women around the world, for friends and family struggling, and for things I have heard in the news.

To be on a city on a hill, a light in the dark, a hope to the unheard and lost, you have to dare yourself to keep fighting. You have to be those things for yourself first, with God. Or else who are you to dare someone to live? Love? Hope? Trust?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I know you all want a dare. I do too. And i'm working on it, I promise. I have a few lined up they just involve costumes, the mall, another egg, and a whole heck of a lot of witnesses. You'll be entertained, don't worry.

Today though I want to share something that has been on my heart. Injustice. Child labor, forced prostitution, arrest without trial, rape as a weapon. A three year old girl being gang raped in front of her father who then shot himself after she died. Children as young as 7 working 16 hours a day for years to pay off a $30 debt that was taken out to have their dad taken to the hospital after he got sick. Women having acid thrown in their faces for disobeying their husbands. People being imprisoned for decades without even a reason for the arrest, let alone a trial. Things that have hit my heart, that must hurt God so badly. His people. His 3 year old girl.

Gary Haugen is the President and CEO of International Justice Mission, an organization comprised of lawyers, advocates, and social workers who work to find injustices around the world and end them. I'm currently reading an amazing book of his called The Good News About Injustice and it has given me hope, but has also torn my heart to shreds with the problems around the world. God calls us as his children to help his other children. And yes I have been working on that with Invisible Children, but there is just so much. I can read the book, watch the news, see a testimony of a former child prostitute or man freed after decades in prison and torture, then go back to my life. But for them, that pain is their life. Not all of it, but a lot.

Haugen's book is so amazing though because of this one quote about his time in Rwanda after the genocide, "...I have no words, no meaning, no life, no hope, if there is not a God...who is absolutely outraged, absolutely furiours, absolutely burning with anger toward those who took it into their own hands to commit such acts" (100).

God sees it. God sees all of it. And that is something I am so thankful for.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Date

So I had my date. Who wants all the juicy details? You? Oh, I don't blame you.

Well he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, arm outstretched, as i walked down my hand sliding along the banister with poise and grace. My heels clacked on the ground as my dress swooshed around my knees. His tie was slightly crooked but he looked stunningly handsome. His eyes lit up as he saw me and i smiled in spite of myself. I reached the bottom of the stairs, his green eyes piercing through mine. "Your chariot awaits," he said softly.

The ceilings were high, the paintings on the walls old and beautiful, and it smelt of pine and money. Music was playing, striking off the ceilings and bouncing through my heart. Bodies were in perfect unison, dresses were twirling, men were leading, laughter was genuine. Ballroom dancing. He looked at me, offered his hand, and winked. "Shall we?"

And then the ball dropped, gong sounded, bell chimed, clock ticked, whatever you want to call it, the date ended. He probably dropped on her butt a few times and she most definitely stepped on his toes. The food was lukewarm and they got stuck in awful traffic on the way home. It's life, not magic. My date was nothing like that.

Lets see if was more like this...

No, it wasn't. That was weird. 

I'll leave it up to you to decide which date seemed like the better option, but no details for you gossip hounds. 

Next dare soon to follow.